What is the fairplace Award®?

fairplace is a unique, comprehensive ethical workplace standard which recognises your company’s commitment to people and planet. The scheme is managed by the Ethical Property Foundation and awards are made by a highly experienced and independent panel. Meet the team

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What does fairplace measure?

  • people

    pay, health and wellbeing, accessibility
  • community

    funding, community projects; local hiring & purchasing
  • planet

    carbon, water, travel, waste
  • landlord/

    evidence of co operative working to improve sustainability

fairplace in numbers

  • 3

    the number of years your fairplace Award® lasts. Successful applicants receive a special workplace certificate; use of accreditation in promotional materials.

  • 100

    the top score, demonstrating your commitment to people, planet & community.

  • 50

    the minimum percentage you need to earn a fairplace award.

  • 250

    the processing application fee for all applicants. In addition, there is an annual licence fee based on numbers of people in your workplace.

Why apply?

  • Is your workplace a fair place to work? fairplace proves it – to investors, staff, clients and suppliers.
  • fairplace is a business improvement tool which shows both the gaps and the good practice – we add value with expert recommendations for every applicant.
  • fairplace supports ethical supply chain management in one professional standard; suppliers can demonstrate ethical practices to environment, people and community.

Who can apply?

Awards are made for individual workplaces; this can be part of a building, a single building or a number of buildings on a single site. You can be the landlord, tenant or owner occupier but you must have responsibility for management of the workplace.

How the fairplace Award® is recognised

You receive a certificate to display in your workplace and can use the accreditation in all your promotional materials. 

What does fairplace cost?

The basic application fee costs £250. If your application is successful, an annual licence fee is payable for three years, based on the numbers of people working in the workplace. For information on the annual licence fee, please download fairplace award Fees (PDF)

Who runs fairplace?

The Ethical Property Foundation manages the fairplace Award®, which has been developed in partnership with a range of organisations. The Foundation is a registered charity, launched in 2004 with the vision that the UK’s 1.8m workplaces can and should be managed to benefit society and the environment. Since then it has engaged energetically with the property industry and delivered property advice and training to close to 3000 non-profit organisations. www.ethicalproperty.org.uk

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“The fairplace accreditation for both our global headquarters in London and UK operational headquarters in Coventry are an emblem of best practice. As the world's leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property, infrastructure and construction we need to role model these standards ourselves and encourage other businesses to aspire to them. As a result of this achievement we are exploring extending fairplace across our remaining offices in the UK and mainland Europe.”
Sean Tompkins, Chief Executive RICS

Antonia Swinson

“What business doesn’t want to save time, money, resources and gain good will? The fairplace Award® connects policies and practice across Finance, HR, Procurement, Facilities Management and Corporate Social Responsibility and delivers a clear, practical roadmap for progress – for your own people and your suppliers.”
Antonia Swinson FRSA
Chief Executive, Ethical Property Foundation