fairplace award – the new ethical workplace standard, powered by the vision that workplaces should be managed for the benefit of people and planet. Read more

  • fairplace – recognises your commitment to the environment, the people in your workplace and your local community.

  • fairplace – an effective business improvement tool integrates best practice into strategic planning and supply chain management

  • fairplace – aligns company values with practical action and motivates staff; through robust evidence-based accreditation.


For all queries regarding the fairplace award please contact the
Ethical Property Foundation:

020 7065 0760


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Gareth Tancred

“Sustainability goes much deeper than 'green credentials' and must include how you treat your staff, your suppliers and engage with your local community. The fairplace award is a fantastic benchmark for organisations and should be the aspirational aim we all strive for."
Gareth Tancred
CEO British Institute of Facilities Management